GeoPro provides development discounts and customizable design options for orders of 3 or more units. Our team of experts is dedicated to aligning our homes with your project objectives. Contact us to inquire and schedule a meeting to plan your development.

All home models are available as Park Models and Modular Homes

Cognac Cabin

Size: 504 sq ft

Dimensions: 36’L x 14’W x 11.5’H

1 – 2 Bed / 1 Bath

* Porch kit addition available

Yellowstone Cabin

Size: 400 sq ft

Dimensions: 47’L x 8.5’W x 11.5’H

1 – 2 Bed / 1 Bath


Size: 320 sq ft

Dimensions: 40’L x 8’W x 9.5’H

1-2 Bed / 1 Bath

*Porch kit addition available

Voyager Duplex

Size: 640 sq ft

Dimensions: 40’L x 16’W x 9.5’H

2 – 4 Bed / 2 Bath


Size: 240 sq ft

Dimensions: 30’L x 8’W x 9.5’H

1 Bed / 1 Bath


Size: 160 sq ft

Dimensions: 20’L x 8’W x 8’H

1 Bed / 1 Bath

*Rooftop patio kit additional available


Tiny Home on Wheels

Size: 180 sq ft

Dimensions: 24’L x 8.5’W x 12.5’H

1 Bed / 1 Bath

Premium features: Hempcrete technology as a thermal storage wall. All materials are mold and fire-resistant, non-toxic and non-VOC.

*Price includes the chassis