About GeoPro

GeoPro Prefabs is dedicated to creating value through efficiency and affordability. Our mission is to rebalance the housing market by swiftly and affordably supplying homes, ensuring equity and accessibility for all.

We build value through cost-effective and streamlined real estate projects with our modern homes. Leveraging the expertise of our team, we’ve engineered manufacturing processes that allow us to construct turnkey homes within our factory, simultaneously to on-site development. This allow for projects to be completed 30-50% faster than traditional construction.

Our Process is simple.

1. Development Planning + Product Design
Foundational and underground work, including septic and utilities installation, completed during in-facility home manufacturing. Home manufactured within 4-8 weeks*.

2. Preparation + Home Build
GeoPro’s prefab modular homes and site plans are designed to client’s state and local code requirements.

3. Delivery + Crane
Simply connect the home to prepared utilities and septic, then add furniture and appliances to make the home ready for tenants.

4. Completion.
New turnkey home is delivered from manufacturing facility to final project development site. Home is craned onto finished foundation.

GeoPro's Voyager home crane set onto truck for shipment.